OLYMPIA, Wash. —

The Washington State Department of Transportation hopes to improve and add to the state Highway System Plan through virtual public meetings and community input. By updating the plan, WSDOT hopes to make highways safer and more efficient while remaining preserved. 

WSDOT believes in updating the plan regularly in order to continue meeting needs. It was last updated to look at plans for 2007 through 2026. WSDOT now wants to plan for the twenty years following 2026. The plan gets updated before any further investments are made. 

WSDOT addresses the current economic state, noting that the plan is being updated “in a world of uncertain revenue, ongoing system needs and changing priorities.” With that, it will go through “scenario planning” for this update. Scenario planning will use public input and current information to outline several potential plan scenarios. The baseline scenario assumes that future spending will look like spending now. The vision scenario assumes that future spending will be generally fully funded. Then several intermediate scenarios will look at future spending varying. 

An opinion poll is available through May 2 for people to comment on investment priorities and leave input regarding the future highway system. 

Virtual meetings will also be held between March 29 and April 14, offering informational Zooms regarding the highway plan for specific regions. Register in advance to learn from experts and speak with officials about the Highway System Plan.