The reason for the rapid development of Disney is that investors are excited about the future, stimulated by the incredible season of Dis stock. Disney + will be fine. He proved that if you have the most complete ford catalog in this area, just one hit show is enough. For example, Mandalorian has just finished the second season of high stakes. Imagine how things will develop when the shows and movies like Pixar, Marvel, etc. which are scheduled to run exclusively on Disney +, become more successful.   

If you buy and hold stocks for a long time, you really want it to bring you a positive return. Also, you usually want the stock price to grow faster than the market, which is a shame for shareholders and the DIS stock price has risen 90% over the past five years. In recent years, its profits have not yet entered the market. . However, some buyers are satisfied even after getting around 20% last year.

By 2024, Netflix will have more content than Disney and may cost more than Mouse House. However, he noted that Disney’s content in Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB has gained a higher level than Netflix’s original content, and noted that Disney’s lower price and flexible plan allow it to link Hulu and ESPN. He believes that Disney will turn Netflix into a subscriber by 2023.

Why you need to think twice before buying Dis stock

The entertainment world doesn’t make money like Mickey Mouse and his friends did before. Disney’s revenue for the past two quarters fell around 40% and 25% respectively. The first loss was recorded in almost 20 years. Disney’s pedestrian characteristics have never attracted many investors, but at least they are announcing a release. He suspended payments for six months earlier this year, and it is unclear when the dividend will be distributed.

Disney’s stock price has now doubled from a low in mid-March when most shares fell to a low. Many stocks rose significantly, but Disney suffered big losses as a result of the pandemic, not profits. In the third financial quarter at the end of June, the revenue of Dis stock fell by 40%, and the stable operation of the media network and Disney + was offset by deficits elsewhere. Disney completed the acquisition of many more entertainment sectors. The cost of acquiring the Star Wars franchise was about $ 4 billion. It is exciting to see whether these acquisitions will provide positive returns. Covid-19 pandemic’s condition will also play a major role in the ups and downs of the stock. You can get more information like balance sheet  at