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As the title suggests, in this article, we are going to discuss the topic of amazon stocks. The amazon has been universally very successful. It is a very diverse business organization. Currently, amazon stocks are very successful. There is very bright scope of earning the profits. In simple words, it is a very renowned business organization. All across the globe, it has gained a lot of prominences. AMZN news has been on the headlines. 

In 1994 it came into existence. Since then, it has been rising and evolving. Currently, the hike in the stocks was witnessed. In the last couple of months, the amazon stocks have performed really well. The digits kept growing and growing. In the last few months, there has been a hike of 13% to 14%. The current number of stocks is 3,048.41. 

The months of July, August and September have been very beneficial. As during the lockdown, unlike the other industries. The amazon stocks were unaffected by it. There are many large investors. In fact, the stockholders have earned a profit. There are numerous industries involved in it. Matter of fact the amazon stocks are a complete standout. There is a good scope of earning profit. 

Specifications about the Amazon stocks

In 1994, Amazon sold its first stocks. It cost only 18$. Gradually the holders started increasing. The year 1997 was a complete turning point as there was a sudden rise in the stocks. In 2006 the amazon became world-famous. Since then, it has been a giant business culture. The stocks and shares started increasing. There are some huge investors. As per the predictions, it is absolutely fine to invest money. At present, the company is very stable. It is a great time to invest money.

Who are the shareholders of the amazon? 

There are many shareholders. With the stake of 11%, CEO Jeffrey Bezos is the biggest shareholder. As we have already mentioned, there are many other industries involved. Kms Financial Services is second on the list. These two investors have made heavy investments. The Vanguard Group has invested in it. The vanguard owns 6.17% stake. This company owns 30,923,784 shares. Following up next the BlackRock Fund owns the stake of 3.69%. This is the number of shares owned by 18,458,382. The third comes the SSgA Funds Management with. 3.26% of the stake. This company owns 16,344,836. There are the majority of the stakeholders.


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