Taylor Swift’s personal jet has emitted the most carbon this year of any celebrity’s airplane, according to knowledge unveiled Friday by Uk-based electronic advertising and marketing agency Lawn.

The singer’s airplane has taken 170 flights so much in 2022 with an average flight time of 80 minutes, primary to a total flight time of a lot more than 380 hrs. With ordinary use of jet gasoline believed as 128 gallons for every journey, her full CO2 emissions clocked in at 8,293 tons, in accordance to the information.

To arrive up with these figures, Lawn stated it scraped details from Superstar Jets, which tracks the use of private jets across the world. Making use of this facts, Yard then calculated possible overall CO2 emissions for each individual celebrity’s jet so considerably this yr. BuzzFeed News reported the details before Friday.

Swift has not yet responded on any of her seven social media accounts or on taylorswift.com, and CNET was unable to make contact with her.

Second on the worst offenders listing was boxer Floyd Mayweather, whose jet has a overall flight time so significantly this yr of 326 hours for approximated CO2 emissions of 7,000 tons. He was followed by Jay-Z, at 321 hrs and 6,900 tons, and A-Rod, at 246 hrs and 5,300 tons.

Rounding out Yard’s major 10 ended up Blake Shelton, Steven Spielberg, Kim Kardashian, Mark Wahlberg, Oprah Winfrey and Travis Scott. Amid the major 20 were Kylie Jenner, Drake, Tiger Woods, Magic Johnson, Harrison Ford, Jim Carrey and Tom Cruise.

Movie star Jets last month created headlines when it revealed some famous people consider their non-public jets for journeys long lasting less than 15 minutes.

In an attempt to defend one of his jet’s 14-minute flights, singer Drake responded earlier this 7 days on Instagram: “This is just them moving planes to whatsoever airport they are becoming stored at for any individual who was interested in the logistics…nobody requires that flight.”