U S. Government Accountability Office

in the “General Policies and Instructions” for guidance on crediting expertise for positions with different traces of development. The occupational series marked with an asterisk have particular person occupational necessities. It is unlikely, for example, that a requirement for experience with a specific brand of word processing software could possibly be justified as a selective issue for an Office Automation Clerk place.

  • GDPR applies to any organisation working inside the EU, in addition to any organisations outdoors of the EU which supply items or providers to prospects or companies in the EU.
  • A patentee, merely as a result of she
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Ties between tech and government are deeper than previously known, research shows

Over the past two years, thousands of tech company employees have taken a stand: they do not want their labor and technical expertise to be used for projects with the military or law enforcement agencies.

Knowledge of such contracts, however, hasn’t been easy for tech workers to come by.

On Wednesday, newly published research from the technology accountability nonprofit Tech Inquiry revealed that the Department of Defense and federal law enforcement agencies including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Federal Bureau of Prisons, have secured thousands of deals with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, IBM,

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