Starting Your Own Hosting Business? A Reseller's Guide to Success

There are no two ways about it, web hosting is a steady business that can bring in a stable and recurring stream of income. The demand for hosting in India has surged over the past couple of years, and you can get a slice of that pie with Reseller Hosting. Become a Hosting Reseller if you want to get into the business without spending too much money.

Linux Reseller Hosting is especially lucrative as it offers more value for money. Simply choose from a wide range of Reseller Hosting plans and you have taken your first step into the business. Linux Reseller Web Hosting does not require you to have in-depth technical knowledge. You can get by with minimal domain knowledge and your hosting provider’s expertise.

Here’s our guide for starting a Reseller Web Hosting business and making it a success.

1. Choose a reliable hosting partner

Your entire business is going to run on your hosting provider’s infrastructure. So you better make sure that your chosen hosting partner is a reliable service provider. Look at the amount of uptime they are delivering and check the hardware and software combo they’re running. Try to find out how often they carry out server maintenance. Check their customer reviews to gauge their performance under real-world conditions.

2. Select the right hosting plan

Once you have finalised your hosting partner, the next step is to select a suitable Reseller Hosting plan. The number of options may confuse you but you will have to find one that balances high performance with reasonable costs. The cheapest plan may not be the best one for your website. Find a plan with allows you to scale up or down without difficulties for efficiency and economy.

3. Offer customised hosting plans

Now that your backend is set up, it is time to design your offerings. Create sensible hosting plans with clear distinctions so that your customers are not confused. Too much confusion may drive a customer away. Better yet, offer customised plans based on a customer’s needs. It could easily become your USP as regular hosting providers do not offer customised plans. Be sure to set a limit though.

4. Provide solid technical support

Technical support is a highly underrated service until you need it. Most of the new, first-time website owners do not have sufficient technical expertise for troubleshooting. Provide a simple and reliable support mechanism to your customers so that they can raise tickets easily. As a reseller, you’ll mostly be fronting for your hosting provider’s technical support. Good support creates a good user experience and adds to customer satisfaction.

5. Market your business

One of the most important activities for making your Reseller Hosting business successful is marketing it to the right customers. Identify your customer base and concentrate your efforts there. Use multiple channels to reach out and market your services. Concentrate on your SEO for good search engine ranking and leverage keyword research for better reach. Invest in Online Reputation Management to create a positive image for yourself.

Reseller Hosting is a pretty straightforward business. It doesn’t need your attention all the time to operate. But it does need your efforts to make it a success. This is your guide to do so.