December 8, 2022


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Sivga SV023 Open Back Headphones: Review

Is it genuine that each headphone model gives a “house” seem or can the same manufacturer give headphones that audio nothing at all alike? The use of different technological know-how and motorists will certainly effects how a headphone is in the long run tuned but most models are likely to observe a familiar playbook. Sendy/Sivga evidently tossed that binder into the trashcan and have launched a combine of headphone goods with assorted benefits.

Owning reviewed various of their types, the outcomes have been inconsistent all of the solutions are crafted to a superior normal and the industrial design and style has hardly ever actually absent awry — but the sonic performance has not generally strike a residence run in the write-up-time playoff run.

Sendy Audio and Sivga Audio are sister organizations working out of Dongguan, which is a prefecture-degree metropolis in central Guangdong Province, China. Shenzhen — where by numerous significant-conclusion audio elements are produced and assembled is located to the southeast. Dongguan hosts some somewhat significant production plants operated by Samsung, Nokia, Coca-Cola, and DuPont, and Nestlé.

Both companies share R&D duties and the output aspect, but their positioning in the industry is slightly distinctive. Sivga has been more centered on the reasonably priced aspect of the superior-end headphone group with products ranging from $50 to $350 USD, even though Sendy has covered the $350 to $1,500 array.

The Sivga SV023 is a slight departure retailing for $449.95 USD and supplants the Phoenix as the flagship headphone in the lineup. The value places the Sivga SV023 into a quite aggressive classification with the Sennheiser High definition660, Grado Labs Hemp, and HiFiMAN Version XS headphones.

Sivga SV023 Open-back Headpones Kit

The Skinny

Initially impressions are all the things and the SV023 was off to a good get started based mostly on the top quality of the supplied leather tricky scenario that manufactured me assume of Maxwell Scott leather-based briefcases just about immediately. Most $450 headphones do not ship in this level of case and it’s a craze that we hope other companies stick to.

Opening the case reveals the headphones, and a individual cloth travel bag built to maintain the cable and supplied adapters anything was neatly separated to stay clear of reduce scratches even though in transit.   

Sensible on the lookout industrial style and design has often been a power of the brand, and the headphone is just one of Sivga’s most interesting looking headphones so considerably the walnut cups with a central stainless grille in each individual cup recommend a considerably more costly asking value.

The establish high-quality is superb thanks to the steel and aluminum frame that feels quite strong in your fingers. The only plastic we could locate was in the cable which makes the SV023 somewhat rare in the price class.

Sivga SV023 Earpads Detached

The ear pads are a hybrid perforated leather on the sides and soft cloth on the encounter Sivga decided to go with a distinctive condition for the ear pads in an effort and hard work to strengthen how they sit on your ears and how the total headphones match your head.

As someone who wears eyeglasses for most of the working day, the Sivga SV023 are a single of the far more relaxed headphones I’ve worn the clamping drive is just ample to keep them constant on your head and the condition of the ear cups stops them from pushing on the bows.

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Sivga SV023 Headband Hinge

There is an adjustable suspension headband in matching black leather, and the cups rotate on both equally axis with about 25° to both facet on the vertical axis and 15° outward on best and 60° inward. 

Cables connect at the base of the cups employing 2.5mm connectors for uncomplicated substitute as wanted.

The Kishkas

Internally, the SV023 employs a 50mm dynamic driver and when Sivga has various types with dynamic drivers, the large departure below is the driver in the SV023 has a nominal impedance of 300 ohms with a sensitivity of 105 dB/mW.  

All of the other designs in the lineup have an impedance of 32 ohms or under generating the SV023 a considerably far more complicated load to drive.

Sivga SV023 Open-back Headphone Driver

The driver was intended in-dwelling and functions an aluminum frame with a composite diaphragm with the outer portion becoming liquid crystal polymer and the central portion getting Beryllium coated for included power. The magnet construction is also a personalized design and style for this driver employing higher potency neodymium magnets for included flux.

The cables are 6N OCC in a 4-strand braid from jack to splitter and two strand twists over. All cable fixtures are matte black anodized aluminum matching the body and the twin shade (apparent and brown) wires truly established it off nicely. The cable is terminated employing a 4.4mm jack and an adapter from 4.4mm to 3.5mm is also delivered. 

The construct good quality and products are pretty remarkable for a headphone in this rate category and most listening sessions lasted 2-3 hours with out any discomfort or tiredness.

Sivga SV023 Open-back Headphone Front


My opening remarks almost certainly established-off some alarm bells for some and that was somewhat intentional. Owning listened to possibly more Sivga and Sendy products than most headphone reviewers in excess of the previous handful of many years, my memory has a unique listing of designs that were actually spectacular and some that went again in the box soon after only a couple times.

The Sivga SV023 may possibly be the greatest headphone they have introduced so much and that includes people at the pretty major of that retail for substantially far more. In several methods — they are the new flagship for possibly Sivga or Sendy.

The tonal balance and sonic signature are not beautifully neutral, but the moderate “W” signature is a big departure from their other headphones and manufactured me want to take them with me to operate for months prior to they had to go again.

If you are taking into consideration the aforementioned headphones from Sennheiser, Grado Labs, and HiFiMAN, you could possibly want to maintain off right until you give these a pay attention.

The very low conclusion is specifically solid with excellent effect and definition that overall performance extends upwards into the mid-bass and by no means gets overly forward or boomy. The new driver is really rapid and exhibits outstanding control bass notes are warm but very articulate and detailed.

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Sivga SV023 Open-back Headphone Cup

The bass response has been tuned to not bleed over into the lessen midrange and gives an exceptional basis the place demanded but also disappears when it will only smear the rest of the variety.

This is not a headphone for bass heads who want to come to feel their skulls rattled the tuning favors people listeners who demand from customers precise and pure sounding bass notes with definition and texture.  

The decreased midrange is somewhat recessed which gives male vocals a little much less presence in the mix they are positioned inside of all of the instrumentation as opposed to in front of it. The separation is even now extremely very good and a single is in a position to individual vocalists and other performers instead effortlessly.

Vocals in this vary have superb timbre but deficiency some fat in comparison to other models in the Sivga lineup. Guitar notes have a robust diploma of existence with just plenty of edge to appear alive in the mix.

Violin strings have good existence over-all there is just adequate included emphasis in the upper midrange to preserve their electricity and the decay is rather apparent.

Feminine vocals have marginally extra emphasis and are pushed forward of the instrumentation pushing the SV023 instead difficult did not outcome in any diploma of hardness or stridency.

The decrease treble shares some of the emphasis that is common in the upper midrange before that begins to roll-off close to 6kHz. Percussion is shipped with a robust diploma of snap and cymbals have more than enough strength and airiness to sound very natural.

The depth retrieval is relatively impressive and Sivga have sensibly tuned the SV023 to not sound extremely brilliant to complete this a sonic decision that you find instead routinely in economical headphones.

There is adequate major end electrical power previously mentioned 10kHz to audio alternatively open up and airy the SV023 start off to roll-off all over 14kHz and it hardly ever grew to become hard sounding irrespective of how tough I drove it.

Soundstage width and depth are instead respectable for a headphone in this range the depth is not as accomplished but these are spacious sounding headphones. The orchestra is correctly seated and I was alternatively impressed by the stereo separation and imaging.

Devices and vocalists are firmly in their proper position and one can quickly monitor movements throughout the soundstage.

For $450, the Sivga SV023 are above-achievers in this section.

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Sivga SV023 Headphones inside Case


The Sivga SV023 threw me for a bit of a loop a element of me was ready to be underwhelmed and I sent them back emotion that I will need to order a pair for myself.

The Sennheiser High definition660 and SV023 are fairly identical general the German headphones element a little bit significantly less very low stop extension and a treble that is not as well mannered sounding.

The biggest factors of differentiation would be the overall comfort degree of the SV023 and the soundstage performance the latter was even more surprising taking into consideration how fantastic Sennheiser headphones are in that regard,

The Grado Hemp and SV023 both equally share wood ear cups every thing else about their tonal balance and effectiveness could not be far more various. The SV023 are improved suited for classical, jazz, and EDM, whilst the Grado are a greater selection for rock, pop, and blues.  

Buying in between the HiFiMAN Version XS and Sivga SV023 is a little far more tough since they both do lots of of the exact same points on an equivalent amount. The Edition XS are a more exact sounding headphone with a little superior detail retrieval the SV023 posses a hotter tonal balance and are somewhat extra partaking.

What is very very clear is that Sivga have taken all of the classes realized so far and produced a incredibly spectacular headphone for $450 that can compete versus just about anything in its selling price variety. Preventing these would be a error. Colour me super impressed and these could possibly be superior enough to make our “Best of 2022” list.

Wherever to invest in: $449 at Amazon