November 29, 2022


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Sexual Assault and Self-Defense – 5 Tips for Defending Yourself in an Attack

In most attacks, it’s just you and your attacker. If you’re really unfortunate, it’s just you and several attackers. Either way, you’re on your own. Only you can determine if you’re going to be a victim or a near-victim. If you’re about to fall victim to a sexual assault, it goes without saying that you have to defend yourself. A sexual assault is a very serious crime and mi note 6 pro no one wants to be on the wrong end of one.

This is why you have to defend yourself at all cost. Here are 5 tips for defending yourself in a sexual assault: 1. Shout for help. Don’t wait until he has a knife on your neck. If you see someone who’s about to attack you, make as much noise as you can. Shout for help. Grab the attention of anyone within a half mile of where you are. Better yet, buy one of those personal alarms that let out sounds that are obvious cries for help. In most cases, the attacker will run away for fear of being caught. 2. Don’t be an easy target. Flail your arms as much as you can. Scratch whatever part of his body you can get your hands on. Make it a huge challenge for him to victimize you.

These criminals are usually looking for easy victims. Make them say “it’s not worth it”. Let him know that you’re not going down without a fight. 3. Learn self-defense. This is the best tip and you have to follow this. Turn the tables on him by gaining back the upper-hand. Instead of you ending up lying down with him on top of you, a well-placed kick to the groin will make him regret his decision. Master at least 5 of these self-defense moves and you can successfully defend yourself. 4. Arm yourself with a self-defense gadget. There are a lot of self-defense gadgets that are designed for personal use. In fact, these gadgets were developed with women in mind.

Zap your attacker with a stun gun and it’s all over for him. Spray his eyes with pepper spray and he’ll be begging for your help. 5. Be vigilant. Prevention is always better than cure. Instead of defending yourself, avoid a situation wherein you need to defend yourself. Use your common sense. Follow these tips and you can drastically reduce the chances of you falling victim to a sexual assault.