26 Best Kids Christmas Movies on Netflix - Top Family Holiday Films on  Netflix

Going back to the days when Netflix was not part of our world. We had two different types of Christmas movies. There were ones that were released in the theaters during the holiday season, and another type that was displayed on our TV screens. The first type required wheedling and cajoling parents but the other one only required a good TV service at home. 

Even now, with Netflix and other streaming platforms, we can watch or make our kids watch some wholesome Christmas movies on the TV sets — just like the old days. Spectrum TV Customer Service helps make the blast from the past a fun and happening present with affordable deals and enormous content variety.

However, if you want your kids to watch Christmas movies at home on Netflix, then you need to do some work beforehand. 

Narrow Your Choices

When it comes to giving online streaming devices to kids, you need to be vigilant. Even though Netflix has kids-friendly features on its platform, there are still many ways for your kids to swap into content that is not age-friendly. So if you are preparing for a fun movie night with your kids or just for your kids on holiday, you need to first narrow down your choices. Some genre codes are used on different streaming services to categorize their content and offers. 

When you log into your Netflix account, you can type http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/X and replace X with the codes mention below to land to the movies you like without going through the search hassle. 

Code 1477201 will help you find content for the kids aged 5 to 7

Code 1477204 takes you to the movie choice for kids aged 8 to 10

Code 1477204 displays movie choices for kids aged 11 and 12. 

With these codes, it becomes easier to search for the type of movies you’d allow your child to watch. Nevertheless, you can even consider some of our top fun picks to introduce to your kids during the holidays.

David and the Elves (2021)

We all have read our kid’s stories of elves and how they work but this movie shows them some hard-working elves and the fun they have. 

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

This time it is a search of the little Timmy. Everyone in the Shaun the Sheep farmhouse is going to experience something amazing. Little Timmy, who is in some danger of being someone’s pet, wants to go back to where he belongs. This movie on Netflix will keep your kids enthralled while you prep for the holiday feast. 

Robin Robin (2021)

Keeping up with the Christmas theme, a young robin raised by a mice family is going to make the holiday season special for your little ones. This lighthearted and full of fun movie is going to be a regular watch for your kids. Moreover, as we said before, with your kids being entertained, you’ll get the much-needed time to prep your home for Christmas. 

All Good In the Hood!

With so much happening in the world outside, make sure you keep everything light and fun inside your home. With these Netflix movies, you can keep your kids entertained at home during Christmas.