When Nathanael Derek first started his digital marketing company, he didn’t expect it to become so popular within such a short period. Looking back at the initial years, Nathanael feels that it was his unique digital marketing ideas that stood out from the rest. He would always experiment with different strategies to see whether they worked. His experiments would sometimes fail, but that didn’t stop him from trying. Today, Nathanael’s digital marketing company is widely prevalent among influencers and celebrities. Let’s look at how he managed to make his business so successful.

Leveraging the power of social media

Social media has had a significant influence on Nathanael. Since ads became popular on social media platforms, they opened doors for digital marketers to attract leads. Nathanael was one of the first digital marketing experts to grab this opportunity with both hands. He says, “There is nothing quite like social media regarding digital marketing. If you see the latest trends, most digital marketers focus on social media because it gives the widest exposure to new brands. From Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest and Reddit, I try to use every social media platform available to ensure that my client’s brand can reach the widest possible audience.”

Nathanael loves how social media allows small businesses to flourish. He believes that it gives everyone an equal chance to become famous. The question is whether the companies can make the most of that opportunity. Companies that don’t have enough experience in marketing often look for professional help. Nathanael is happy to help such customers so that they can make it big in their respective industries.

Insight-driven marketing

When business owners spend money on marketing, they expect to earn plenty more than they invest. However, Nathanael’s insight-driven marketing skills allow him to go beyond the success or failure of a marketing campaign. Instead, he analyzes a campaign to find out what worked or didn’t work in his client’s favor.

When asked about this strategy, he said, “Suppose you are giving an exam. Among 20 questions, you get 14 right and six wrong. Wouldn’t you want to see why the six went wrong and what you can do to correct them? Otherwise, there’s a good chance you’ll make the same mistakes in the future. So we do essentially the same thing.

We backtrack our campaigns to find out where we went wrong. Promoting a brand is a big responsibility for us. When someone pays you a reasonable sum of money, you must provide the best possible service. Our team knows how to analyze the data and focus on points that need more attention. Our data-driven approach keeps us ahead of the competition, and we will continue to follow this technique as it has given us so much success.”

There is no doubt that Nathanael’s company is in good hands, especially with the experienced team that leaves no stone unturned to make the business flourish. In addition, he encourages everyone to come up with new ideas that would eventually allow their clients to recommend their services to others.