Almost everything was going good for NASA’s Capstone mission to lunar orbit after the microwave-sized spacecraft introduced June 28 atop a Rocket Lab Electron booster. On Monday, the probe was efficiently deployed from a Photon higher phase and sent in the course of the moon.

But then it just stopped conversing to Earth. NASA engineers are operating to re-create call with Capstone’s desktops. 

“Adhering to effective deployment and commence of spacecraft commissioning on July 4, the Cislunar Autonomous Positioning Process Technological innovation Operations and Navigation Experiment (CAPSTONE) spacecraft seasoned communications issues when in get hold of with the Deep House Community,” according to a statement from NASA on Tuesday.

Now that it is on its have with out Rocket Lab chaperones, Capstone is intended to use its own propulsion program to navigate to the moon in which it will attempt to enter a new type of halo-shaped orbit close to the moon. The craft is screening out the same orbit to be applied by NASA’s forthcoming lunar gateway, which will serve as an orbiting outpost for Artemis astronauts viewing the moon’s surface area afterwards this 10 years. 

NASA mentioned Capstone is carrying adequate gasoline that its preliminary navigation maneuvers can be postponed for numerous times when mission controllers perform to re-build get in touch with with the spacecraft.

A subsequent update exposed Capstone had pinged two NASA ground stations — one particular in Madrid, Spain, and the other in Goldstone, California. With this information, NASA was in a position to figure out the probe’s “approximate placement and velocity in area.” Nonetheless, the company notes its initial trajectory correction maneuver has been delayed. 

You can maintain on eye on the position of Capstone’s communications with the Deep Place Network and keep tuned for more updates.

Update 8:45 p.m. PT: Extra NASA’s secondary update about Capstone’s position.