Build a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses | Five Channels

Social Media platforms are many and each has its own distinct advantages and benefits. Facebook is a self promotion platform where users talk and express themselves. Instagram is focussed on you where all posts and activities are concerned about the users who are watching. LinkedIn is ‘We’ focussed on collective expression. Being a platform for professionals it is more about leadership voice and peer related.

Linkedin is predominantly used for promoting Industry Insights, Story Telling and Relatability. Through these, you can promote industry news, conferences, events, podcasts, background experiences, team activities and actions, human experiences, thoughts and insights.

When you submit your posts, see to it you create the curiosity above the intrigue line by making a value based statement and then inside the intrigue line tell a story, give something relatable, give insights into a topic or trend, and at last – give Call To Action.

You should start with a valuable hook, create an intrigue, provide the deliverables and end with a Call To Action. Your Call To Actions can be such as Follow, Learn more, etc.

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LinkedIn Marketing Opportunities

LinkedIn offers you multitudes of content promotion opportunities for boosting your SEO. The predominant of them are listed below:

Text Only: In LinkedIn Posts only 3 lines show up above ‘see more’ for Posts with Images and for Text Only Posts, it is 5 lines. You have to draft the top lines that show up very creatively that kicks up interest and attention, and do your posts to get engagements and actions.

Image With Text Posts:  For your posts with images to be live, realistic and connecting, share real images with your branding instead of stock images. 

Comments in the News Feed:  You can pick active posts that are getting more responses and interactions, and post your comments. Also, check the News Feed posts where users have commented about your company or brand; go to the hashtag and comment on the industry trending topics and make your presence known.

Shares: When you do share people’s posts, add your own opinions that your potential target audience may like and upon that may be prompted to follow and engage with your company page. Keep checking your team members’ posts and activities and do share them with your observations and comments.

External Links: You can promote your brand content by providing links of news features, blog posts, YouTube videos, events, etc.

Documents: Through Documents which is a new section in LinkedIn promote your content in the form of PDF, Word Document and Powerpoint Slides. These Documents are swipeable and add to promote your content in a better way. 

Videos: Keep LinkedIn short for 1 to 2 minutes long and make the videos more animated by featuring people in them. If you are promoting your products or services, feature people who are involved in them. Make your videos stunning and captive, merge readable content or captions with them and enable viewers to view the videos in silent mode and still understand the videos by reading the accompanying text.

Live Videos: You can live stream videos in LinkedIn using 3rd party tools such as Restream, Socialive, StreamYard, Switcher Studio and Vimeo: You can go live either by scheduling it in advance or go instantly or spontaneously. When going for the live videos, enable the chat feature so that your audience can connect with each other. During the live video if somebody sees your LinkedIn profile, they will be seeing the live video instead of seeing your LinkedIn Banner like a TV screen. As users can land into your personal profile multiple times, you can redirect them to the same links by scheduling your videos for multiple viewing.

LinkedIn Polls: This great tool of LinkedIn is ideal for doing audience research & posting marketing questions. By using the Poll feature, you can create a question with four options  for the audience to answer. You can start a Poll by selecting the poll option in your Feed page with a Poll duration. Keep it simple. Start with a question in the Text Post with a call out/Call to Action.

Articles: LinkedIn Articles allow you to Tweet them and share them over to Facebook to earn backlinks to your web pages or blogs by reaching over to larger audiences. All you have to do to make your LinkedIn Articles perform better is to optimize the image, fill your title with SEO terms, use the title in the cover image and share them multiple times in order to make them go viral.

LinkedIn Stories: Mostly accessible through from mobile devices and running for 20 seconds, you drive traffic to your LinkedIn Stories in three 3 ways. For business accounts and personal profiles with over 5000+ followers, LinkedIn offers a Swipe Up option to increase the Story reach. There is a messaging option at the bottom of the Story for personal accounts which increases the interaction level. It is not available with company accounts.

Events: You can promote your events in LinkedIn by creating them as an individual or company. You can improve the effectiveness of your events by adding an attractive cover picture and logo, showing real people in the picture and opt-in link for registration.Moreover, you can invite invitees to your events with an additional option to pick selective attendees. Buy dofollow backlinks, United States and promote your links.

LinkedIn Strategic Advantages

LinkedIn can be a great tool for SEO and Link Building with its exclusive audience targeting potential to reach professionals, career oriented people and business owners.

LinkedIn & Link Building

As a Link Building tool, LinkedIn helps you with getting backlink clicks from serious and industry-specific interest-specific and niche audiences from your posts, 

Why LinkedIn Marketing as a Specific Method?

Most of the other social media platforms have users from the generic audiences. LinkedIn and its features including its Advertisement and Paid Methods are specifically designed and created to target and reach audiences from the professional, career oriented and business audiences, and moreover, LinkedIn is an established network with nearly 800 million members. 


LinkedIn can be leveraged both as a free and paid tool to aggregate target audiences and build your professional network, and to promote your links through continuous posts, articles, stories, videos and events.