Link Building is understandably a powerful digital marketing process to create traffic for your website and generate quality customers to your business. But when products differ, the objectives differ. So, the procedures and methods of the Link Building process also vary. Mostly digital marketing objectives of different products vary according to short term and long term goal fulfillment requirements. For example, the objective for an E-commerce seasonal campaign is short term lasting for only 45 days. But, a furniture manufacturer’s Link Building is usually set and programmed for years together to create a long-lasting online brand presence.

Though the process of Link Building is common in many respects that of creating quality backlinks to your web page, using right Anchor Texts, getting links from High Authority websites, guest blogging, getting traffic from search engines for high conversion keywords, quality interactions with your brand mentions and online brand identities, forwards, @mentions, shares, comments, likes, subscriptions, reviews, ratings and all such things that do contribute to Link Building, your strategies and tactics of Link Building have to have different approaches according to your long term and short term objectives.

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An Ecommerce short term campaign needs an intense promotion to get as many shoppers online within that 45 or so days and get as many orders a s possible. But the furniture manufacturer wants to nurture his brand over the years through a series of blogs and ads and create gradual brand followers and readers in those years. In the former case with the Ecommerce business, heavy ad spending and affiliation marketing can be resorted to in order to achieve the desired results. In the later case with the furniture manufacturer, blogs and case studies do the purpose.

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Link Building through Digital Marketing Tools

There are tools that can be used exclusivel;y for long term link building activities that some products require and for short term link building requirements based on some products’ digital marketing needs. Find PerfectLinkBuilding plans and packages here.

Even for the purpose of digital marketing campaigns, you can select tools accordingly as branding tools and sales tools. Using branding tools, you can reach your brand identities and brand content to your specific audience with much precision and impact. Using the sales tools, you can directly or trigger to achieve the bottomline sales fulfilling your long-term or short-term sales objectives.

So, at the outset it is simple. With short-term tools, you can promote your products and services to achieve your short term business goals – branding or sales. However, you can achieve your long strategic goals with long term branding and sales tools.

Long Term Digital Marketing Tools such as case studies, business directories, SEO, SEM, business networking websites, etc., help in the achievement of long-term branding and sales goals of digital marketing.

As a Digital Marketing expert, you have to understand what types of tools are really suitable, necessary and viable to carry out your digital marketing campaign to fulfill the specific purpose. 

the content which is published in a particular digital media or a platform how it is made available to the user and how long are short periods of time is available to the users classify the direct platform as long term or short term

Identifying Required Tools

Actually, it is not a big deal. A tool can be identified as a short term or long term tool based on three things.

One, the availability of content on the platform. If you can find a certain piece of content for a very long time, it can be termed a long term tool. Examples of these are article sites, blogs, video sites, etc., Otherwise, you can term such tools or platforms as short term tools. Examples of short term tools are most of the social media platforms especially Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Two, how quick you are able to reach out to tons of your target audience through that tool or platform. Most of the paid forms of promotions including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc., as well as social media pages, sponsored posts, PR platforms, news media, etc.

Three, the functional nature of the digital media, platform or tool. The very purpose of how the platform is created. Twitter, for instance, is created as a microblogging site to send zillions of content in the fast and streaming home page. Strategically, it is a short term tool. Website articles section is built to show the content to relevant readers for long term and its purpose is to create long term readers and content can also be easily retrieved through categorization and easy search.

Again, you have Landing Pages. These are short term web sites with typically one web page to promote a specific event, real estate property and product as part of a  short-term or seasonal campaign. But, general websites which usually have multiple web pages are created for a long term basis and hence are long term tools.

The nature and the structure of the media and how its pages are designed to retrieve and distribute content define their long term and short term nature. The working mechanism of the Digital Marketing Tool to instantly broadcast your content or as a publishing tool defines itself as a long term and short term media or tool.

You can find long-term media like business directories which let the users to find the content for a longer period. 

Take digital advertisements. They are for a specific and very limited period; sometimes even for a single view or two. Either limited to a number of views or restricted to a very limited number of users according to the budget of the ad campaign, ad programs are short term tools. 

Press releases are obviously short-term because they are announcements. These announcements of a corporate entity, or a government program, or any news items are mostly shown instantaneously  as short-term narration of incidents.

There are numerous short-term tools that also include emailers, banners, PPC ads, classifieds, E-Commerce websites, coupon directories, retargeting ad programs, etc. In the same way, the long term tools include business directories, local business directories, regional directories, national directories, global directories, niche directories, image directories, content marketing platforms like article sites, etc.


Choose tools not based on preference but based on strategic intent and purpose. Run campaigns decisively and consistently. You will be able to fulfil your both long term and short term objectives eloquently.