Artificial intelligence may be a big help in preventing some types of cancer

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Mayo Clinic leaders say a recent research project showed artificial intelligence may be a big help in preventing some types of cancer. Patients at the La Crosse clinic helped with the study.

Researchers say doctors miss about 25 percent of precancerous polyps during a regular colonoscopy, but this study shows when doctors use an AI during a colonoscopy, they miss polyps far less.

“What that means for the patients is that when you use the technology that helps you detect polyps, you’re going to have better results,” said Daisy Batista, gastroenterology chair at Mayo Clinic Health System.  You’re going to hopefully see, identify and remove more lesions that you would do just with our own human intelligence. because we are not perfect. Certainly, the technology’s not perfect either but it enhances what we are able to do.”

Researchers say the AI helped not only helped doctors detect more polyps but ones that are smaller and flatter making them easier to miss.

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