60+ Link Building Techniques You Should Try in 2021

“To choose or not to choose, this is the question!” We all do dream of that one fine day when the whole world is chanting our name alongside goodness. We all do try too to get things done the right way. But sometimes doubt takes our arms and we fall in thoughts if things we do are right or wrong. One such doubt that is sagging people down is regarding link building. People doubt if it is the right thing to do or a foul one! They start fearing those fancy link building packages (USA). PerfectLinkBuilding Services USA says that it is fine to have a little doubt all around. It keeps a continuous watch on our feet and helps keep the right tone throughout the journey. But things should not cease at doubts alone. Clarity is as important as having a doubt to get out of the vicious loop of nothingness. This article is an attempt to clear the fuss around.

Does Google allow link building?

If you really go by the guidelines, like really, Google guides against doing so. Or does it not? Well, the area around it is grey. Why? Let’s have some digital drink and fall back in time when Google was fairly new.

It was the early 2000s and many search engines were trying to get a liking around. But Google had come up with a revolutionary idea of ranking a website. This idea was of link building. But what special had link building in it?

Link Building is not that we humans have invented. It is in our DNA and is innate to us. We do not doubt that you surely must have heard it from somewhere that Humans are a social animal. We love talking to people, gaining crucial insights from them, and then sharing them around. This helps a group to grow and a species to survive and thrive. PerfectLinkBuilding Services (USA) says that the idea had emerged from here.

Google was ranking websites over SERP based on how many links a webpage or website has pointing back to it. It was simply that, “Hey, Look! So many websites are talking about that particular website! It means that it must be famous! Let’s visit.” Alright! The idea was terrific, but we humans started exploiting it to the core.

Why does Google consider link building to be bad?

Let’s say that we have not yet reached this conclusion. Talking of the early 2000s, there people were trying to trick Google into believing that a website is famous. What were they doing? They were creating tens and hundreds of ghost websites and then linking back to each other. This practice was called link farming. It is this experience that Google is against. It does not say no to link building. In fact, Google considers links to be the top-most factor while deciding the rank of a website over SERP. Then what is the fuss?

The fuss is that things are still there. People still try foul ways to create unnatural links and this worsens the internet as a whole. People buy cheap Link building Packages USA and all they get is spam websites linking back to them. Know that this was a problem for Google some 10 years back, but now it has grown strong. It easily catches spam and low-quality links and thus whips the website accordingly.

Then what is allowed?

Times when linkbuilding services come beneficial!

So now you know what sort of link building Google is against. If you are getting cheap offers with hundreds and thousands of links within days – Report and run thousands of digital miles away. They will ruin your website and you would get left as a meme material alone. There is a joke that runs in the SEO community,

“Earlier I had paid to build the links. Now I am paying to clean those links”

We all know how terrible it is. And then there is this Negative SEO where competitors try to degrade your website by buying spam links and then directing them to your website. This is why it is crucial to go through a regular link audit. Link-Building services are not just about creating high-quality links, says PerfectLinkBuilding Services (USA), they are also about analyzing the complete link network and remove the issues.

Taking care of broken and spam links is as important as creating high-quality DR, DA, and PA. The main purpose is also to create natural links.

SEO agencies nourish a website to its dreamland using purely white hat tactics and strategies. There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it helps in pushing those bad-quality websites down. It is believed that linkbuilding is the toughest part of the complete SEO process.

When are linkbuilding services excellent?

So now you get the idea that genuine linkbuilding services are actually vital for the growth of your business. It takes time, much time, and effort to vitalize a website towards its growth. When you go for the best link building packages (USA), you make sure that your website is set for a long run in the years to come.

It has been told a thousand times by Google that its aim is to provide a better user experience. This it takes into consideration too while deciding about SERP. So how to make sure that link-building works? There are ways:

  • Always write good quality content. Google does not want a user to keep on hopping from one website to another in search of an answer. If people are exiting the moment they enter your website, then know that it will lead to a high bounce rate and lower SERP ranking. Content is King.
  • Use better visuals and infographics. They are a great way to keep a user engaged. Also, Science has shown that we tend to lean towards visuals more than the written content. So make sure you include good visuals too.
  • Fix broken and expired links. If a user is clicking on a link and getting error, then this leads to a bad overall experience. The mind feeds the experience subconsciously and the user will try to avoid your website in future. This is why it is important to treat the issues with all the links.
  • Always prefer high DA and PA rating links. Because it takes knowledge and time to reach some level, it is always good to get links from a website that is old and wise in the eyes of Google.

Final words on Google and Linkbuilding Services!

Things go much beyond it. The question was if link building is considered bad or good by Google. The answer is that it is not. Google is against black hat link building, and it always will be. It creates nothing more than noise in the digital world and search engines would never want this. PerfectLinkBuilding Services (USA) warns against getting lured by cheap linking offers. It would not only cost you but will brutally harm you in the long run. If you have the budget and the vision, the advice is to always leave the technicalities on the experts. We go to doctors because it is not easy to treat ourselves.