What is the best free control panel for cheap VPS? - Behnoud Mostafaie

VPS Hosting is one of the most reliable, cost-efficient, and versatile web hosting servers that acts as a perfect intermediary solution between a Shared and Dedicated Web Hosting solution. VPS Servers can be used for several purposes, from hosting websites and blogs to deploying server applications. 

One of the most common questions that get asked with VPS Hosting Server is whether you need a control panel to manage it. The Control panel isn’t a core or integral part of a VPS Server; it’s more an add-on. Even though a VPS Server offers a user-friendly way of using and integrating with the operating system (OS), you can use your VPS Hosting Server without a control panel. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the use of a control panel for your website and what benefits you can leverage from your VPS Server without using a control panel. Let’s get started!

What is the use of a control panel for your Virtual Private Server

A control panel is a GUI or Graphical Unit Interface driven method or process of handling your VPS Server—used for a more automated configuration. 

The control panel handles and takes care of many everyday server administration and maintenance processes, such as setting up email addresses. 

Without a control panel for your VPS Server, you’ll need to know several necessary commands required to install and configure various components. However, when using a control panel, you need to ensure that you operate these processes in a specific way, irrespective of your choice or desire. 

Therefore, if you are an expert or web professional, using a control panel for VPS Server won’t benefit your business. 

Benefits of using and managing your VPS Server without a control panel 

A control panel is beneficial to managing your VPS Server if you need help and assistance. Here are some of the critical benefits of not using a control panel. 

  • More customization freedom and opportunities

Not using a control panel will provide you with more opportunities to customize your VPS Server per your specific needs and requirements. 

Control panels are designed to perform tasks and operations in a specific way—overruling changes that you make that don’t fit into their specific rules and protocols. 

Therefore, if you wish to tweak and configure some of your business processes per specific business requirements, it is recommended to not opt for a control panel and instead maximize your customization opportunities for your website’s growth. 

  • Tools to use with Windows operating systems instead of a control panel

You can use IIS or Internet Information Services Manager to manage your web hosting in Windows. 

It is a web management console created by Microsoft that integrates website publishing, FTP, permissions management, and security services tools in a single console. 

  • Tools to use with Linux operating systems instead of a control panel

You can leverage SSH or Secure Socket Shell—a network protocol that allows you to share encrypted and secure data over a not necessarily secure network. 

You can also use Apache to manage websites hosted on Linux VPS Hosting as an introductory web hosting package. 


A control panel is an effective tool that facilitates website management and maintenance. It makes everyday business processes and operations easy at the cost of lack of customization freedom and abilities. 

Therefore, if you wish to configure your VPS Server per your specific business needs and requirements, buy VPS Hosting solutions that offer VPS Server without a control panel.