Analyze Link Building Effectiveness Using the Google Search Console Link  Report

They say that link building is one of the most difficult lawn you can walk upon to get a website see the top of SERP. And indeed, it is one of the toughest. It not only requires time but lots of effort, and yet you can not guarantee success. You need to write good content, reach websites to link to you, do keyword research, handling backlinks, and then checking their quality. The quality of your link is far more important than the number of links. And to make sure that your links have quality and are not broken, you need to do an analysis. You will find many beautiful tools out there to do the backlink analysis for you, but they are paid ( ). However, Google has provided various free tools in Google Search Console that very few know about.

This article will share about how you can use Google Search Console to do your link analysis.

Link Building Analysis using Google Search Console!

Backlinks are important to a domain. They help it grow into the wild world around it. They are like veins to the domain that carry vital nutrients to it. Thus, it becomes necessary to ensure that these veins are in fine health. A little here and there and your domain might suffer badly. This is the reason that Google provides hundreds of tools in its Search Console to help people manage things that matter. One must know more about how to use these tools.

However, know that these free tools provided by Google require a lot of manual work, unlike the paid ones that do most of the work for you. Furthermore, these free tools won’t help you much in competitor analysis and much other vital things.

Checking the websites linking to you!

Now, inbound links are very important for a website to assess its own health. Consider these links like the links people hold in real life. The bigger the network, the higher the chances of getting famous. However, know that the network should be of good quality, expert people, otherwise you’ll end up being infamous.

Google Search Console allows one to check all the inbound links to a domain. However, know that you must have your website registered with Google Search Console. You can’t check the inbound links of other domains (Competitors for example). To know more about the inbound links of your competitors, you need to have paid tools from various companies out there. Here is how to check inbound links in Google Search Console,

  • To check this, you first need to go to Google Search Console.
  • Then on the left side there will be a vertical menu box. Scroll down to the bottom and click on links.
  • This will open a page where you’ll be able to see the report.
  • Click on the box with External Link as title.
  • A new page will open showing a list of your pages that have websites linking to them.
  • Click on any page to see what domains link to them.

These domains are your inbound links and they help your website reach higher rankings. However, know that they must be of good quality, otherwise you’ll end up harming yourself.

How to check the quality of inbound links?

Like earlier days, when Google used to show page score of the links, now you won’t be able to see what score the pages that are linking to you have. For this, you either need to do it manually one by one using software given online. Or you may want to buy paid tools from Moz, Ahrefs, SemRush, UberSuggest, etc. These tools are brutally helpful in terms of analyzing the quality of links. Not only these tools tell you the link quality but help you sort them using several filters. Furthermore, you can do competitor’s analysis too using these tools. Or you may go for good SEO services like .

Checking the Internal Linking!

Internal links are something that many people ignore. However, know that internal linking helps Google know the importance of pages under your domain. The better your internal linking is, the better their chances to rank.

To check the internal linking, you need to follow the same steps given above, just that you have to click on ‘internal linking’ instead of ‘external linking’ at the last step.

Checking the Anchor Text

The good thing about Google Search Console is that it also allows people to check which anchor text is giving the most amount of inbound links. You can then analyze how your website is getting benefited from several keywords. It will give you a basic idea of what changes are needed to be made.

You may want to click the box below on that same page having ‘Top Linking Text’. It will open up a new page where you may click any text and see what websites are linking to that text most. If spam websites are linking to a particular text, your ranking will fall for that keyword. But how would you know if spam websites are there linking to your website, to a particular keyword or s page?

Should you rely solely on Google Console for backlink analysis?

The answer depends on what your needs are. If you want your website to rank higher in Google SERP and get a good ROI, then you have to use tools to get even the slightest over your competitors. This means that you won’t be able to make it without buying tools that help you have a deep analysis and tell you about the quality of links that you are having. They also tell you if there are spam links binding themselves to your website like parasites. These spam links harm a domain and are considered to be a part of Negative SEO. You can use Google Disavow tool once you come to know more about what these URLs are.

Another way to get an edge over competitors in the market is to look for expert SEO services around you. Do not think of these as a cost but an investment alone. There are many fine SEO companies around in US like . Know more about how they work and how you can help your domain get the care it needs.