December 3, 2022


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Blueprint Capital Review 2021- The Best Tools And Practices For Developing A Winning Trader’s Mindset Via The Blueprint Capital. (

It has been almost 2 years since COVID-19 has caused unemployment. Many people are now jobless and don’t have any way to earn money to sustain their current lifestyle. They have also lost hope in the future and had no idea what to do with life. Even if they are able to get a job, the money is not enough to run a family. I was also one of those unfortunate people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic that COVID has caused.

I was very dishearten. I had no idea of what to do about my situation. I wanted to earn money as quickly as possible but at that time it seemed impossible to me. I was thinking of trying my luck in online trading just to make some easy cash on the side. However, it would have been very difficult for me to do that as I had no prior experience in investment and stock trading at all. So I decided to try a new approach; I’d first learn more about how the market works before I invest.

For that I started having conversations with my ex-colleagues and friends about trading. I was fortunate because some of my friends had been into trading before and they suggested that I should try an automated platform like The Blueprint Capital. They said it would be easy to learn how the forex market works, what are common mistakes traders usually do, and other similar topics using Blueprint Capital’s educational materials.

In fact, I found most if not all of the topics that Blueprint Capital has talked about in its educational material very useful. I was also particularly impressed by the videos where traders who experienced those issues got interviewed and went through a thorough teardown to think of possible solutions or the next best steps to be taken.

I then finally registered myself on The Blueprint Capital platform and started my journey in forex trading. And let me just say that it wasn’t easy at first; I had to face a lot of challenges mainly because I lacked professional knowledge but soon enough, those obstacles became building blocks for me to grow as a trader.

I am very thankful to have found The Blueprint Capital because it has changed my life forever. Using this site has not only taught me how to invest but also provided a good collection of trading tools and practices that have enabled me to help many people get employed in the market. My fear of not having a job and earning was diminished thanks to Blueprint Capital. I have expanded my portfolio and gained a lot of profit from my own trades. Apart from that, I was able to create a profitable trading system using the Blueprint Capital platform, which has helped me earn money outside of my day job. Altogether, it is the best experience that any trader can ask for in his life. This is my story on how Blueprint Capital has changed my life forever and enabled me to help many people in the same situation as mine. If it weren’t for this site, I would have never thought of forex trading as a way to earn money.

Now that I have a give a background of my story and how I started earning with this platform, I want to give a full in-depth review of this platform; what to look for in it, what obstacles you might face, in short all the pros and cons of it. So, let’s begin.

Knowledge is a powerful tool. But, the wrong knowledge can cripple you as a trader. Bad trading habits are not only formed from poor techniques or the use of wrong tools but also due to over-simplified and erroneous advice that is given by some online forex trading gurus. With hundreds of articles written about forex trading on the internet, it is very easy to fall into the trap and take advice from a so-called guru that might just be out there to benefit his personal trading account. And that leads me to the very important aspect of any trading platform.

Educational Center:

An education in forex trading is not only about receiving relevant information regarding the forex markets but also learning how to correctly interpret them. Fewer individuals are actually aware of this simple fact when participating in the forex trading arena. A trader’s mindset is defined as the manner in which a market participant utilizes his or her knowledge of data and relevant details to inform their potential actions within that specific environment. This very important aspect of any exchange can have a critical role in any given approach. That is where Blueprint Capital’s education comes to the rescue as they offer a comprehensive trading education program that is one of the very elite within the forex industry.

Here are some of their features:

  • Blueprint Capital offers educational material for free, all you need to do is simply register with them (you can find out about this on their website). They provide training in modules and among these modules is the Blueprint Capital to a winning trader’s mindset.
  • The educational includes: eBooks Glossary, Asset Index and FAQ
  • EBooks are designed in a way to allow the reader to absorb and retain as much information as possible. These eBooks are meant for both beginners and advanced users. However, when I went through them I felt these eBooks are more for beginners and less for advanced users. So, I would like to see some eBooks for advanced-level traders.
  • The Asset Index allows the trader to understand what assets are available within their trading platform, along with the option of filtering by asset types (and selecting just those that apply to your portfolio), volume, and capitalizations. The assets are arranged alphabetically so, it is easy to find what you are looking for. Along with that, each asset has its expiry rule and trading hours mentioned alongside them.
  • Blueprint Capital also offers a glossary of terms, I found this to be very comprehensive and comes in handy when one is beginning their trading journey. It is laid out in an easily accessible manner so that one can find the word or phrase they are looking for with ease. The Glossary includes terms such as:

• Asset, 

• Asset Index

• Bull Market, 

• Contract For Difference (CFD), 

• Gross Domestic Product 

There are a number of other terms that you can find listed on the website’s glossary page.

  • The FAQ section is well composed and it contains all of the right questions.

Registration Process:

Sometime the registration process on platforms can be a little time consuming, however on The  Blueprint Capital it is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate through. Blueprint Capital also has an improved registration process which makes it easier for clients to open an account without any problems.

It took me hardly a few minutes to register myself. During the process, I was asked very basic information like my full name, address, and country of citizenship. The registration form was straight to the point no fluff but very efficient. The application for opening an account is easy. You have two options; you can either register by phone or online. I choose the online option as it was much easier and convenient.

One thing I would like to mention is that under no circumstance this platform shares your personal data with anyone except their own managers only to help and guide you. So, no need to worry about the security of your personal information. The security features and practices used by The Blueprint Capital are very advanced. This is one of the reasons why this company has been in business for so many years and people keep coming back. That and the fact that they have a fast and reliable website.

As soon as I was registered, I received a welcome email that contained all the important details about my account like contact numbers, login details, rules and regulations for trading on this platform and the next steps to get started.

Customer Service:

One thing that struck me through my experience with this platform was that how polite and calm they are with their customers. No matter what they are doing in private, their customers will never know. And when I talk about the private sector, I mean anything that does not relate to traders. They have a very good customer service team that is available 24/5 plus they have always been helpful in any way possible. It was a weird thing for me to see this because so many companies are getting bad reputation because of the way they change their customers, but it is always good to see that not all companies will do bad things to you as a trader.


The Blueprint Capital provides excellent trading tools that are perfect for those new to the market. The web-based platform makes trading incredibly easy, with an allocated account manager for support. I love their customer service, provision of educational material, mobile phone app, and competitive spreads. Overall, The Blueprint Capital is a reputable & professional forex broker that I think I will be using for quite some time.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.