I’ve been trading for many years and it is hard to find a good platform. Bitteks has secured my trust due to its high-quality service, so I wrote this review on the best platforms out there. It’s unfortunate that when one chooses an online trading platform, they are overwhelmed with all of the options available which can make things difficult. Not only that there are so many scams and hackers that it is impossible to keep track of.

When I started doing trading, I went in blindly and started using platforms without any knowledge about them and that led me to lose all of my earnings within the first week. I was at the verge of losing all my hopes when I met a friend of mine that introduced me to the Bitteks platform which has been in business in for years. I was hesitant at first, because it is hard to trust any company these days, but after some time I decided to take my chances with them.

I can say without a doubt that Bitteks is one of the best solutions that I have found on the internet. The team is very helpful and easy to access, which makes trading a lot more pleasant for me. Their platform has been updated with all of the most current tools that are needed in order to be successful at forex market trading.

The team behind Bitteks is doing great job to constantly update the asset list and provide a large variety of currency pairs that I can choose from. The charting tools are also updated on a weekly basis to keep up with the latest technology.

I always had doubts about web-based platforms, but Bitteks changed my way of thinking by providing instant access to them along with so many trading features and tools that has made trading extremely easy. Not only that, but they provide helpful guides to educate traders and give them the opportunity to discover ways on how they can improve their skills.

The exchange rate is also very good with low spread margins that allow me to earn extra money for my trades while saving at the same time. The company also offers a secure method of deposits and withdrawals, so I never have to worry about my funds. The trading platform is very easy to use and the team has provided me with all of the knowledge that I need in order to succeed at this market segment.

Assets and Account types:

Bitteks provides a diverse range of asset possibilities for me to invest in. They are specialized only in Forex trading and they provide all the Foreign Exchange sets, including CFD Trading, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks & Commodities as well as Indices. Moreover Bitteks also has an Option Trading service on their platform that allows you to trade forex options with ease.

One of my favorite parts about working at Bitteks is the immense variety in assets available for trade. Within our markets, you can find over 200 different types of assets: from traditional stocks to digital currencies and everything in between! The level of diversity within these markets will keep any trader thrilled with excitement while trading on their platform, as they’ll be able to easily invest into what interests those most or even a little bit of everything if that’s your style.

Bitteks platform provides 4 account types for me to choose from depending on my needs and expectations. Each of these accounts extends another level of service to me that I did not have with other brokers.

  • A Silver account- This is a basic trading account that anyone can open without any problems. It provides me with the following features: Minimum deposit required for this account is 250+ Euros, 200+ tradable assets, Market review, and up to 100 significant leverages.
  • Gold Account: Minimum deposit is 10,000+ Euros, all features of a silver account along with a dedicated senior account manager, Bonus Funds, Gold spreads, up to 200 significant leverages, Tier 3 trade room analysis, Financial Planning, Risk Management Planning, Special Ventures Promotions and many more.
  • Platinum Account: Minimum deposit is of 50,000+ Euros, all features and services of a Gold account long with trading signals and even Private analyst sessions.
  • VIP: Can only be avail through invites. It has all the services and features that you get in the Platinum account along with Access to Lucrative VIP events.

Safety And Ease Of Use:

Bitteks is an innovative trading site with a focus on safety. With it being accessed over the secure socket layering, I experience absolute true emotions of tranquility. Secure registration and 18+ security are all included along with permitting and guidelines to ensure that traders’ funds will stay safe regardless what happens in Bitteks’ future. Any concerns concerning safety should be directed to customer service who would surely have answers for any questions you may have!

One thing I have learnt about them is that under no circumstance that they will share their client’s information with anyone except their own manager which only use these information to help their client out. So, there is no cause for concern.

Bitteks is a trading platform that facilitates switching between stocks, forex, indices, crypto and CFDs as well. The registration process of Bitteks was simple to complete and authorize with the drawback that it only available in English. However despite this setback their client care teams were always there for me 24 hours a day, 5 days a week which made trades much more convenient when using them!

Trading tools and charts:

The importance of back testing is valued by traders, but Bitteks takes it a step further. They provide extensive market data to allow for the tweaking and adjusting that comes with being able to see changes from one situation or scenario to the next. This allows any trader at any level an opportunity for success in their trading endeavors!

The benefits of using these tools are not limited only beginners; they extend across all levels of expertise so both novice and experienced traders can benefit equally!

Imagine if you could analyze the prices on your phone or iPad, regardless of where you are. That is what Bitteks does for traders – and it’s free to use! The charting tools at this site have been designed specifically with mobile trading in mind, so no matter which type of trader you are (beyond beginner), there will be a tool that suits your needs. Whether forex brokers want advanced capabilities like pattern recognition or just need basic ones like trend lines and channels, Bitteks has them all available without any cost.

The only downside I found was when using these charts – they can get really dark because their default theme is black-and-white.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

Bitteks made funding approaches incredibly easy to complete, with a variety of different ways that they can assist in finding an acceptable money transfer provider. I never had any issues withdrawing my funds when needed because it was always on time and not late at all!

Bitteks is a secure and reputable online trading platform that offers some of the best exchange rates. With their ability to accept deposits from different countries, you can fund your account in as little time as two hours or less!

Rates are always fluctuating so it’s good to keep up with them before placing an order. Bitteks also has excellent customer service if you ever need help understanding how something works on the site!

When it comes to payments, the site falls short of perfect. Card options are limited and payment methods become a hassle when they do not work for you in certain countries (e.g., PayPal is unavailable). However, even with these shortcomings this website has managed to outshine many other competitors due to its speedy service which allows uploads within seconds and download speeds that continually surpass expectations!

Bitteks, a company with an impeccable reputation for delivering on their promises and providing exemplary service to its clients, offers fast withdrawals via the Bitteks online account. I’ve used this system myself and been completely satisfied by how well they handled my transaction even though it ended up being more complicated than originally anticipated due to various factors that were beyond anyone’s control. They kept me updated throughout every step of the process which greatly reduced any anxiety about what was happening in real time while also assuring all transactions went smoothly like clockwork without fail!


Overall, it seems that Bitteks is a good choice for traders to use in their day-to-day activities. They are structured by some of the best organizations and they have low prices across all markets which means you can get your products at an affordable price no matter where you shop! I was very impressed with how helpful their customer service team were when I had any questions about trading on this website so if there’s anything else that isn’t clear then don’t hesitate to ask them – they’re always happy to help!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, not a recommendation.