The Redis server offers immense ease of integration and collaboration with other systems because of its simple open-source architecture. The Redis server offers seamless availability and implementation prowess, and the combination of the Microsoft Corporation with the Redis Enterprise has created one of the game-changers in the Azure Redis Cache.

A Brief Insight into Redisgears and a Comparative Study of the Azure Redis Caches:

It harnesses the Redis server’s superb availability and has thereby influenced the lives of millions of developers, data scientists, enterprises, and startups across the globe. The Redis shared hosting by Microsoft offers superb reliability, whereas the native prowess of the Redis server sits in its intelligent caching technology and in-memory datastore.

Serverless Redis- A brief insight into RedisGears:

Serverless Redis has already been a tangible reality and has morphed the way developers think, and enterprises execute. While using the AWS Lambda functions in Python and Node.js was mandatory to create serverless Redis frameworks and operate them, the latest development in the form of the RedisGears has just shifted the momentum in the forward direction by quite a bit.

RedisGears is one of the latest innovations, and its general availability has already been announced since last year. The Redis Enterprise is immensely proud of this technological breakthrough and states that this serverless engine has tons of programmability in the Redis ecosystem.

  • Developers can use RedisGears to process real-time data and enhance application performances seamlessly. RedisGears can be used to abstract data distribution and deployment to accelerate data processing in real-time. It makes use of multiple models on Redis to do the same.
  • Software architects can leverage this serverless engine to give a boost to architectural simplicity and, in turn, help millions of people worldwide.
  • RedisGears offers unending programmability in Redis, deploys functions in every environment, and also minimizes deployment costs.

In short, you can run your serverless engine wherever your data exists.

There are more exciting updates on the block, but let’s take a look at the Azure Redis pricing tiers and how they have been segregated to understand what all you can achieve with each of them.

Azure Cache for Redis pricing tiers and respective availability:

The Azure Redis cache pricing is decided based on each tier’s functions and all the features they offer. Based on these, the tiers have been classified into Basic, Standard, Premium, Enterprise, and Enterprise Flash.

  • Basic tier: The Basic tier features a single node and multiple sizes. It has been found highly effective for development operations.
  • Standard tier: The Standard tier features the most minimum Azure Redis cache pricing. There are a couple of nodes, but the price primarily depends on the cache size, number of client connections, and network performance. The double-noded primary/secondary configuration managed by Microsoft has a replicated cache present in it. The Azure Redis pricing for the cloud also starts with this tier.
  • Premium tier: The Azure cache for Redis pricing features a Premium tier as well. It features a more expensive price tag than the Standard tier and offers all the Basic and Standard tiers’ fundamental functionalities and a lot more. Better network performances than the Basic and Standard tiers and a high-availability SLA are some of the compelling features.
  • Enterprise tier: The Enterprise tier of the Azure Redis Cache is primarily designed to serve massive organizations’ purposes. These organizations need to process bigger workloads while ensuring minimum latency and advanced security features. Preventing data loss during critical work environments is also a basic necessity. The improved disaster recovery feature in this tier safeguards the organizations from unprecedented data loss. It is one of the costliest Azure Redis tiers.
  • Enterprise Flash tier: Till now, the highest amongst the Azure Redis cache pricing tiers, the Enterprise Flash is built to deliver the most outstanding value to enterprises. With Redis data persistence, Redis cluster presence, active geo-replication, and moderate to highest network performance, the Enterprise Flash tier flaunts the best of features. Some may ask, why not the Enterprise tiers? The Enterprise Flash tier harnesses the same power and proficiency as the Enterprise tier, and you can rely on this system. In addition, it operates on fast, non-volatile storage and thereby dishes out massive yet cost-efficient cache implementations.

Closing thoughts:

The Azure Redis Cache is definitely one of those innovations that have impacted millions. But the way the Redis Enterprise and other gigantic corporations are harnessing the open-source framework of the Redis and using it to create custom integrations; we are moving towards an age of constant innovation at a tremendous speed!