Vacations with friends or family are fun because whatever you do will feel more fun. Holidays in Singapore with the concept of a busy staycation can be an exciting vacation alternative. Especially if you, your friends, and your family are both busy, a staycation can be your quality moment.

There are many hotel choices if you want a staycation in Singapore. For example, Jurong Hotel and Hotel Jen Tanglin have complete facilities. So, if you want a fun staycation, you can try some of the following staycation tips.

  1. Prepare A Vacation Agenda Together

The first staycation tips are to plan with friends or family members for a staycation together. Not only will the staycation be more exciting, but more people will also join, of course, the cost of the staycation will be cheaper. Your friends’ plans are just as important as yours. 

So that you don’t crash, you and your friends can consult to arrange a holiday agenda. This agenda will contain a combination of your ideas and those of your friends. For example, culinary tours, yoga together, traveling to the nearest museum, traveling around the city, and much more. With more ideas, the list of activities that can be done during a staycation can be more exciting and varied. 

Planning a date is a staycation tip that you shouldn’t take lightly because choosing the right staycation date can give you a more economical price, you know. So, check prices and book a hotel for a staycation in advance on the Traveloka application.

  1. Choose A Comfortable Hotel

The next staycation tip is about accommodation, which is one of the most crucial things. Whether it’s a five-star hotel or a cheap hotel, what needs to be considered is the comfort of you and your friends. In addition, location is also important to consider, such as how many tourist attractions are close to the hotel and whether there are many transportation options around the hotel.

Just look for hotels on Traveloka and find reviews from people who have stayed at those places. Don’t forget to bookmark if you find the right one so you can click right away when you want to buy!

  1. Take Advantage Of Various Hotel Facilities

Don’t waste the opportunity to take advantage of the various lodging facilities available if you choose a five-star hotel or budget hotel as a staycation place. There are so many facilities that you can use such as swimming pools, fitness centers, spa and massage services, yoga, and rooftop restaurants that you can add to your staycation agenda.

Not only the facilities in the hotel you can try, but you can also explore the surrounding environment to get other new experiences. Walking leisurely, buying street food snacks, and buying cute knick-knacks are also fun.

  1. Prepare A List Of Activities

For friends who prefer to relax in the hotel, just prepare a list of movies or series that you will watch when you get together. Try to write only a list of movies that have not been seen. So when you and your friends watch together, no one will be able to give you a leak. Don’t forget to prepare a lot of snacks and drinks so that watching a movie is more comfortable.

In addition, there are some fun game ideas that you can try, which can strengthen friendships such as the game “how do I know you” or you can try playing games such as guessing objects by demonstrating them. Your friends will laugh out loud!

  1. Forget About Office Work For A Moment

This is the most important of the various staycation tips above. When hanging out with friends later, minimize the use of laptops or handphones that are still related to work, such as replying to emails. 

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest with friends and as much as possible suppress the urge to check your laptop or handphone every few minutes. It’s time for you to refresh, so don’t let you not focus on your vacation because you are still thinking about work.

Those are staycation tips that can make your stay more exciting. Want a staycation in Singapore with friends or family? You can make planning your vacation easier with Traveloka. Just open the Traveloka application now to find hotels and other exciting activities with Traveloka.

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