​How a Design Battle Between Chip Engineers Led to Polaroid’s Revolutionary SX-70 Camera

In one corner stood the defending champion, Texas Instruments. In the other stood the challenger, Fairchild Semiconductor. The referee, judge, promoter, and only spectator was Polaroid. In contention was the contract for the electronics of Polaroid’s secret project—a pioneering product introduced in 1972 as the SX-70, a camera eventually purchased by millions of people.

As the embodiment of truly automated instant photography, the SX-70 fulfilled a long-held dream of Edwin Land, founder of Polaroid Corp., Cambridge, Mass. Vital to this “point and shoot” capability was a new film—one that would develop while exposed to light and so

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What Is Configuration Management and Why Is It Important?

Configuration management (CM) is a governance and systems engineering process used to track and control IT resources and services across an enterprise. When properly implemented, configuration management ensures that an organization knows how its technology assets are configured and how those items relate to one another.

The CM process seeks to identify and track individual configuration items (CI), and document their functional capabilities and interdependencies. A CM tool helps a business enforce a desired configuration state for each item and provides timely alerts of any configuration problems.

Organizations rely on configuration management because it enables administrators and software developers

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VICE NDRCVR Is an ’80s Computer Hacking Crime Saga

VICE NDRCVR is a new game about using down ’80s drug cartels by making use of their laptop programs in opposition to them.

Discovered for the to start with time for the duration of IGN Expo, VICE NDRCVR evokes the likes of Hypnospace Outlaw and Her Story by having you research via a fictional laptop or computer working devices for proof to use in busting – or aiding – Miami’s largest drug smuggling gangs.

You play an undercover agent trying to keep their go over as a element of the cartel, and seemingly earning important possibilities that could see you

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Epic Privacy Browser Review | PCMag

There are a great deal of different techniques you can assure security and privacy in your Web browser. You can delete your record immediately after every single use, for case in point, or use your browser’s heritage-cost-free non-public browsing mode. You can insert a Do Not Observe plug-in, or disguise your IP tackle by going by a proxy. Or… you can merely down load the totally free Epic Privacy Browser and get all the privateness capabilities imaginable, all of them active by default.

Built on the Chromium platform, Epic Privacy Browser doesn’t enable plug-ins, retains no history, and blocks third-get

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