An Undersea Cable Could Fill In the Gaps on Fiber-Optic Maps

This article was first published as “Inside the PARC: the ‘information architects’.” It appeared in the October 1985 issue of IEEE Spectrum. A PDF version is available on IEEE Xplore. The diagrams and photographs appeared in the original print version.

Goldman tells it differently. In 1969 Xerox had just bought Scientific Data Systems (SDS), a mainframe computer manufacturer. “When Xerox bought SDS,” he recalled, “I walked promptly into the office of Peter McColough and said, ‘Look, now that we’re in this digital computer business, we better damned well have a research laboratory!’ ”

In any case, the result was the

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Want to expand computer science education? Educate more teachers

When advocates force for pc science instruction, typically they’re conversing about boosting the number of educational institutions offering personal computer science lessons – with the intent to access a lot more pupils. But from our standpoint as scholars of personal computer science education and learning, a critical element is how a lot of academics are qualified to educate the topic.

Data from 2020 suggests that in a single of the most superior substantial faculty pc science classes taught all over the country, the University Board’s Advanced Placement Pc Science Ideas class, enrollment grew from practically 44,000 in 2017 to

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Nigeria’s Political System Favors Old Wealthy Men

Campaigning is in full gear in Nigeria as the the June 9 deadline nears for Nigeria’s political parties to pick their presidential candidates for the 2023 polls.

The main opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party, or PDP, has already nominated a 75-year-old as its presidential candidate. 

Business tycoon Atiku Abubakar, a former vice president, has had five previous goes at winning the presidential ticket. Given his advanced age, many believe this could be his last shot. 

Abubakar is unlikely to be the only politician over 70 on the ballot paper.

Bola Tinubu, a former Lagos governor who entered politics

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5 Things To Consider When Buying A Gaming Laptop


Hello there gamers! If you are on the lookout to obtain a gaming notebook and are not sure about what to appear for, so it suggests you are on the proper platform. This report is just prepared for you, as we have outlined the 5 things to look at when acquiring a gaming notebook. The write-up addresses plenty of basics and should be equipped to solution most of your queries.
Gaming laptops are a necessity for gamers who want to delight in the finest gaming experience, also you can look at some $1500 gaming laptops that are greatest for

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