InfinityCapitalG Review 2020- Legit Software That Will Help You Make Forex Trading Easier And Profitable! (

Living in a patriarchal society, it was always assumed that the eldest son would be left to care for their family. I tried many ways of earning money but found my age and gender didn’t help me get ahead. Finally, deciding on joining the army where they paid for training before transferring you somewhere else with no compensation seemed like an option worth taking because at least there’s some dignity attached to them soldiering even if financially speaking it wasn’t great either way.

I came from living in a patriarchal society which is why when I turned 18 years old … Read More

Bitteks Review 2021- Why You Need Bitteks Trading Platform For Your Portfolio And Trade. (

I’ve been trading for many years and it is hard to find a good platform. Bitteks has secured my trust due to its high-quality service, so I wrote this review on the best platforms out there. It’s unfortunate that when one chooses an online trading platform, they are overwhelmed with all of the options available which can make things difficult. Not only that there are so many scams and hackers that it is impossible to keep track of.

When I started doing trading, I went in blindly and started using platforms without any knowledge about them and that led me … Read More

NostraCapital Reviews 2021 – Trading experience with NostraCapital (

We have hundreds of online trading platforms which are also called online brokers.  They offer us thousands of financial products to trade with and many of them even let you trade in a trial account for at least two weeks before you have to qualify for a real account. These platforms are easy to use, have nice graphics, they make trading fast and efficient but there is one important thing that you need to know. Every single online trading platform, no matter how big or small their stock markets coverage is, is not trustworthy. They are prone to be very … Read More